1969 ZL1 Baldwin Motion
not really for sale but I would NOT CHEAP

1969 corvette 427 V8, 4 speed,
this car was sold to me to be a true motion corvette,
this car is a running car with a 69 427 not the original
ZL1 engine  , this car has a zl1 data plate in the console
and yes I realize they reproduce this now but I have
owned this car a long time and it had been sitting for a
very long time before I bought it , I got with the car a set
of heads and intake that was supposedly off the original
engine that the #s show to be off a 69 zl1
still has transistor Ignition
engine that is in car casting # 3963512 number next to
starter A11(I think could possibly be another number I took a
pic of it see above)
number on front pad of engine I0228LE
trim 407 paint 974  verticle transmission # P0620
the numbers of the extra heads and intake not on car heads
3946024 & intake 3885069
here is the vin you check out
to your satisfaction,  vin# 194379s731351 I have owned
the car for around 20 years
serious buyers can call 501-733-1695 dont call if you do
not know what this is