We are located in Conway, Arkansas 30 miles north of Little Rock almost
dead center in the state where hwy 64 and interstate 40 cross you can
click the show map button on our homepage to get driving directions.  
This is me and my dads hobby more than a business. We buy these old
cars and fix them up a little here and there, we also sell and trade a few.
We try to only buy and trade for cars we like so we don't mind if they stick
around for awhile. My dad is semi retired and I have a full time job on the
side. We have no set hours and are very laid back we just pittle and play
and enjoy these old cars and if we sell a couple to be able to finish other
projects great, and If not that is fine too. Most of the cars we have are
projects but range from one end of completion to the other. We also play
with Harley's and Airplanes. If there is something specific you are looking
for you can use the contact us link above and let us know because if we
don't have it we may know where you can get it (please be realistic for
example there is no such thing as $500 69 camaro I would take all you
could bring me for that price). All prices on this site are subject to change
without notice due to work being done on the car and as always CASH
talks(be real). If there is something that does not have a price or info call,
I do this website as I get time. I also list items occasionally on ebay seller
musclecarhunter also I have no web design experience just started
teaching myself on 9/24/2005 so please bear with me and if you have
any problems with it please let me know
1850 East Oak St.
Conway, Arkansas 72032
(501)733-1695  rick@musclecarhunters.com