One scam that exists is where a buyer (usually from overseas like Nigeria, UK,
other parts of Europe and now in the U.S.) wants to pay for your car by a
Cashier's Check in excess of your cars value and then asks you to wire
transfer the difference back to them. It's a scam and they are using fake or
stolen checks!

Another scam is where the scam artists steal photos and ad descriptions off of
other companies' websites and post them in there own ad (usually on Ebay)
with a very low asking price. They may claim that they are in dire financial
need or something to that effect. The truth is that they don't even own the
car! They intend to pocket the purchase price, or at least a deposit. Be very
careful if you come across a deal that "smells" like this and remember the old
saying, "If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is"!

Another scam is phishing for your info almost daily we receive emails from
what looks like ebay or paypal saying something like your account is going to
be suspended if you dont log in and verify your account or you just made a
purchase please log in here, if you do on link provided you just gave them
your info.  

I have been hit many times lately by what is called a buy it now bandit on ebay
they create a new account usually the same day and have 0 Feedback rating
and they go thru and hit as many buy it now cars as they can on ebay and
then start the scam i have already mentioned about sending more than the
amount and wanting you to forward the difference if this happens please take
the time to complain to ebay so maybe they will try to fix this from continuing.

We have been "hit up" with these scams numerous times. Be sure not to give
them the car or any documents without confirming receipt of funds. If the party
is a "straight-up" buyer, they will have no problem respecting that. If they are
not a "straight-up" buyer this will usually scare them off.