Terms and Conditions
AVAILABLE. Please have your car inspected either by yourself or by someone
on your behalf. This is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. We do our best to represent
our vehicles accurately  but we recommend every person to come look at the
vehicle that they plan to purchase in person. That way, misunderstandings are
avoided. The local airport is just 2 miles away so if you have access to private
plane I will be glad to pick you up.

If a deposit is made on a vehicle it is non refundable. You are essentially paying
to have the car taken off the market.

Due to
Scams if any type of check is given as payment, it will have to clear our
bank and be free of any possible holds, etc. Before the item may be delivered or
released or the title is signed over.  Cashiers checks are not as good as cash
for those of you who still believe so.   Also I will not except checks for more than
the amount agreed on and the buyer is responsible for making payment to any
shipping company.

Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping of the vehicle they purchase. If you
wish to have it shipped using an outside company, we will gladly cooperate. You
can locate shippers by doing a search for `auto shippers` on the Internet which
you can do below.  We recommend you get a quote before closing the deal on
the vehicle so you know if you can afford it.  Gasoline is expensive these days.
Also, make sure you let the shipper know the condition of the car (running,not
running, locked up wheels, etc.).  We do not in any way accept any responsibility
for any of the shipping companies' actions or for the customer's dealings with

All Payments should be sent to
1850  East Oak St
Conway, AR 72032

Trades.  We will Consider trades on Pre 1975 Muscle Cars, and maybe other
interesting items, please cut to the chase and tell me what you have and what
you think it is worth, how you want to trade how much cash difference is needed
either direction, I usually do not trade up unless it is something I really want,
remember you want to trade with me so that tells me you probably have not
been able to sell your item. There has to be room for me to make money on
trades I do not trade to break even. If you think your car is worth more than I will
give that is fine sell it and then bring me cash for my item. Please do not ask me
what I will give, you know what you want just tell me, I am not in the business of
giving you free appraisals for your car. Not trying to be rude just been doing this
a long time and I know how people are I am just trying to save both of us some
time. Just make me an offer you are ready to stand behind if I say yes. Thanks

Prices.  I get email's pretty regular lecturing me about my stuff not having
prices. Some cars on here are priced(which are subject to change without
notice) and some are not. This is due to there is constantly work being done on
cars which makes prices change and people use my prices to appraise their car.
If you are interested in a car the best thing to do is to call (501)733-1695 to get
a current price. If you are serious enough to buy then the way I look at it you are
serious enough to pick up a phone and call. If you get a price on the car and
then come back six months later don't expect the price to be the same. Thanks